First Week in Russia

Just a catch up, so it might be a bit of a long one.

I’ve now been in Russia for a week! The weather is just as temperamental as I remembered, the Russian language is still hard to get your head around and the buildings are still just as beautiful!

The day we arrived was a beautifully hot day, so wearing a thick pink coat on the plane and then lugging a suitcase up and down subways was not a smart choice, but nonetheless one that I made and followed through.

view from aeroplane

The following two days it chucked it down with rain, but we started our university course in the buildings surrounding the stunning Smolny Cathedral.

Smolny Cathedral

At last on Wednesday, we had some beautiful weather so after lectures, it was nice to go out and explore the city a bit. Hopping on the metro is not a task for the uncertain. The acceleration and deceleration of the trains is enough to make you wonder if the train driver forgot that there’s a station coming up, but the speed of them is necessary for getting you from A to B in the least possible time. You just have to keep in mind that the escalators down to the platforms, although also very fast, they are incredibly long, and for some lines you have to even take two sets of escalators. It’s all worth it, because you come out of the metro station, and the building is pretty impressive.


Ploshad Vosstaniya is at the Moscow Railway end of Nevsky Prospect, and is a stone throw away from Galeria, a huge shopping mall that’s almost always packed full of people. Having visited there on Thursday for a few essentials, we made our way home, picking the worst time: rush hour.


Then on our day off from lectures, we visited Alexander Nevsky Lavra, and saw the graves of many famous Russia people such as Dostoevsky and Tchaikovsky.



And of course, what graveyard would be complete without the pensive cat…

“Why don’t I have a map of the graveyard??? Now I’ve got to read all of the stones!!!!”

Just around the corner from the graveyard, was the actual monastery and they did some bell ringing for nearly twenty minutes, which started off quite nice and pleasant but after a while, it kind of felt like you were in some really intense movie with a really huge scare coming up, so I wasn’t such a huge fan of that.

This is already a pretty long post, so I’ll wrap this up here. We did visit Peterhof on Saturday, but I’ll post a little later the pictures from that stunning place of many many fountains and much much gold.. wow