metamorphosis review

Hiya! I realise that I haven’t posted in about three months, and so now as I procrastinate my final assignment required for completing my work associated with my time spent in Austria, I have decided it’s a good time as any to do a little bath bomb review (not a Kafka book review, sorry to disappoint). I will at some point make a bit of a year abroad summary or overview post, but who knows if that’ll happen any time soon!

I’ve been feeling kind of rough the past few days. A cough has been sitting with me for a while, and it just got gradually worse over the weekend. So on Monday, when Abbey and I went into town, I figured that I would treat myself to a bath bomb, and take a relaxing bath in the evening.

As ever, the Lush staff were super friendly and sweet, showing us how one of the new mini bath bombs called “Cheer Up Buttercup” looks and smells when used, and I’ll be honest, I was almost sold on that one if I hadn’t been intrigued by the “Metamorphosis” bath bomb, with its alien like sparkly grey and strangely textured outer. It also had little bits of colour peeking from the edges, which the person at the till confirmed would be the “surprise inside” when the grey layer had all dissolved off into the bath.

Of course only after having bought the bath bomb, I checked the reviews online and a lot of them were really negative, with people complaining that the bath turned muddy coloured or that it smelt overwhelmingly of pepper. I can see where people were coming from on the colour of it, but I’m not sure what they expected considering it is a pretty dark grey colour to begin with.

Anyhow, on with my impressions of it:

Aesthetic: 7/10 – It does turn the bath a bit of a murky colour, but it is cool to watch when it’s all dissolving and fizzing everywhere with all sorts of colours. It’s not your typical pink and flowery bath bomb, but does give a light sparkle to the bath water, which is cute

Smell: 8/10 – Black Pepper Oil / Cinnamon Leaf Oil / Myrrh Resinoid – I personally really liked the smell, and didn’t think it was too overpowering, but I do have a bit of a cold at the moment. I also found that it didn’t make me sneeze, which was a plus!

Feel: 7/10 – It felt very hydrating but not greasy or oily to my skin, especially as normally I have dry, sensitive skin. However, a few hours later my legs were really itchy, but that could have been from something else, it’s a bit hard to tell.

Overall I had a very positive experience with this bath bomb and I would probably buy it again, but not before testing out other bath bombs, melts and bubble bars to see which ones I prefer.

Also in the picture above is a perfume from Zara which I am loving at the moment, called “Femme” and it’s part of their weekend collection. All of their various perfumes are such good value for money, when you consider what you’d pay for some branded fragrances. Then behind that is a candle from Primark, which I think they have now discontinued, because it was on sale, and I couldn’t find any more of them, but it is a very cosy scent called Sandalwood Spice, and I just can’t get enough of it.

Hope you’re all doing well! See you soon in my next post!