My First Blog Post Ever

If you found your way here, then it’s probably due to Instagram and right now I’m not sure if that is a good thing or not. Pretty soon I’ll be travelling off to Russia for just shy of four months, and whilst I am over there I wanted to have some sort of record of some of the antics and experiences that I get up to, whilst of course studying really hard. Hopefully by beginning this blog a little earlier than when I’ll actually be going, it’ll encourage me to stick at it, and it won’t get added to the waste bin of things-I-started-but-never-completed.

So today I tried out a number of new things, rather in keeping with the “first” theme.

The First One: I really wanted to bake something in my last week in the UK so I tried out this recipe for a vegan bakewell tart, but made it into a slice, and tweaked a few things.


Nonetheless, it’s safe to say that this recipe is now on my “highly-recommended-good-to-make-quickly” list. It is super easy, super vegan and probably not super healthy, but it’s homemade and tastes good, so that isn’t such a big deal.


The only thing that I would change is perhaps find a way to make it less gooey, as my dad was under the impression that it was under cooked.


And here’s the link to the page with the recipe… ( )


The Second One: For a while I have considered testing out Bullet Journaling, and many different friends have asked me if I’ve tried it out, simply because it’s apparently something that I would do. So in order to conform to this perception of me, and also because I’m pretty intrigued and fancied trying another new thing, I had a go. The first set back was that I don’t own a squared or dotted notebook, so I picked a cute one from my shelf instead. The next problem to solve was to figure out what works for me…

So I made a key…


And started off by having a day to a page and tested out different ideas for this whole day to a page thing…


We’ll see how it works out, whether I’ll be able to stick to the organising and planning, whether it will actually help, but for now I quite like it. It’s at least encouraged me to drink more water today!


The Third One: writing a blog. I’ve never done this before, as you can probably tell. So I’m still figuring out the whole webpage and wordpress thing. And still working on how to write in a nice way, without it becoming too rambling and boring. Really need to work on that one. And I’m still trying to find a way to end this blog post before it gets too long.


So I guess that’s it for today, take care!


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